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Hydraulic Pump or Replacement in Salina, KS

Ginder Hydraulic LC was founded by Ray Ginder in 1946. He sold the business to Larry and Jim Usher in 1965. Currently, it is owned by Alan & Preston Usher and Dave Herman. Since its inception, Ginder Hydraulics has remained in its original location and the team has developed a good reputation with the community in Salina, KS.

Having served the North Central & Northwest Kansas area for over seven decades, the company has built trust with vendors and clients to sell hydraulic pumps, valves, motors and power take-offs. Located in the heart of Salina, KS, customers come from neighboring states and travel long distances to visit the store. Ginder Hydraulics can machine new cylinder parts in the machine shop, repair drive shafts and power take-off shafts and custom make hoses for hydraulics. If you need custom hoses for air conditioning, brakes or power washers, we've got you covered!

Visit the store to see the large inventory and you can purchase lift gates and snowplows for trucks and get them serviced as well. Should you need seals and O-rings you can purchase them in standard and metric sizes. You never have to worry about items not being in stock since Gates hydraulic hoses, fittings and adapters for foreign and domestic equipment are always available for purchase. Come to Ginder Hydraulic for a variety of brands and unique parts for hydraulic repair and installation at reasonable prices.
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